Currently: Developing Features and a Sci-fi Short. Due to the Global Pandemic Crisis, I will not accept unpaid or deferred work. I will also refuse to work on any set not obeying new safety standards.

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Writer / Director


I have written a number of feature and short screenplays.  I always have something in development, low and high concept.  My favourite genres are fantasy/sci-fi, but I also write contemporary drama, post-apoc, and horror.


I have written and directed two features and a handful of shorts.  I usually direct my own scripts, and I have also directed a few shorts I did not pen. In 2016 I directed a Legend of Zelda concept film I adapted from the game series.

In November 2014 my close film friends and I created Bleeding Edge Productions, which began as a one-short-a-month film experience, and now we squeeze in films between our flourishing careers. I am currently developing two tv pilots and a new sci-fi feature, "The Omega Figment."


Click here for full Writer/Director resume.

View these selections from my Zelda concept film newsletter to see some of the struggles we faced, especially in November and December.

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Art Department


I have been working in the art department since my college days.  It was there I cut my teeth on a 1940s Russian-period short and my own sci-fi feature (which was not affiliated with the school).


I have been working professionally as a production designer, and set dresser/ decorator since August 2013.  I have worked on many independent features and shorts as well as union films like "Wrong Turn: The Foundation" and "Carol" and I was production/costume designer on "Blue" and art director on "Stillwater."

I have a small store of props large and small in my house specific for films that I use in my projects all the time. I can also make certain props. For my Legend of Zelda concept film, I modified and made a number of props and constructed a wooden railing on a bridge with my team.


Click here for full Art Dept resume.

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